First training courses

First training courses

During this month of September we are doing in the IT department (Av. Tucumán nº ...
Open the registration period days modernize

Open the registration period days modernize

It is now possible to access the registration form of the event in: Do ...
Conference presentation "Participando"

Conference presentation “Participando”

The next July 3 will be held at the Archaeological Museum of Alicante (MARQ) a ...
Informative microsite launch Participating

Informative microsite launch Participating

From this moment on, the following microsite is made available in order to bring the ...

Participando has a multitude of possibilities to adapt it to the needs of your Town Hall. Request it now for free!

Request it for your Town Hall



Multiple types of question

From simple single or multiple option selectors, questions with predefined masks, through numeric scoring matrices, complex matrices with personalized options, up to Goolge maps, file uploads, equations, and a multitude of other options.

Multi language

Translatable and customizable content in more than 80 languages

Responsive design

Adaptive design to be able to be viewed in an appropriate way in different devices (mobile phones, tablets, laptops, TV, …).

Exportable results

Export your answers in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, R, SPSS, Stata, PDF format or in a simple CSV.

Different user roles

With the permission management system you can determine which users can create surveys, edit surveys, edit some configuration parameters of the application or be system administrators.

Alerts and reminders

Send invitation emails to new participants or reminders to participants who have not yet answered the survey using our mail servers or by configuring their own on the platform.

View results

Obtain the desired statistics and graphs of all the questions in a survey. Or use the filters to select only some answers. You can also export the statistics in images, excel or PDF.

Filtering of participants by municipality

Restrict access to a survey only to the inhabitants of a municipality. This check will be made against the municipal REGISTER.

Anonymous answers

With this option ensures that there will be no relationship between participants and answers once the survey is done. Once activated this option can not be deactivated during the entire life of the survey.

Temporary programming surveys

Schedule your surveys temporarily so that they can be published in the future and have a specific duration.

Conditional format surveys

You can structure the surveys so that some questions or others are shown depending on the answers introduced, thus avoiding irrelevant questions for the participant and improving the final user experience.

Public or private access

Manage the visibility of the surveys: public, access by invitation or private depending on whether or not you want them to be displayed on the portal and the type of access desired.

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